Our Click&Sleep facilities are elegant, clean and comfortable. Located in the heart of Naples, a city known throughout the world, loved for its characteristics, full of energy, sunny, friendly and welcoming people, a stage of art; it is the capital of pizza!

Those who visit Naples for the first time will end up returning because they are enchanted by the beautiful views and culinary delights. 

Naples is enclosed by many neighborhoods, we have chosen to welcome our guests in Fuorigrotta as a commercial point and for its frenzy and then Via Caracciolo for its panorama surrounded by the majesty of Vesuvius, for its treasure of happiness and culture.

“Napule is a thousand cultures
Naples is a thousand fears
Naples is the voice of creatures
That squeaks out loud and
Tu sai ca nun si sulo.
Napule is a bitter sun
It’s the smell of the sea
Napule is a dirty paper
and nobody cares
and everyone is waiting for the door “

– Pino Daniele –



Click&Sleep Caracciolo is more than just a holiday home: it is the ideal destination to experience the beauty of Naples, it is the focal point of the city to be inebriated by art, culture and gastronomy.

It is the place where it is easy to fall in love…here many have memories of their stay that last forever.

The Caracciolo promenade with its white cliffs, gives the feeling of being on the edge of the world, watching the Gulf of Naples with its amazing sunsets.



Attractions on one side and bright shopping buildings, bars and restaurants on the other. 

Adjacent to fascinating attractions including: Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, Edenlandia, Palapartenope, Federico II University, Mostra d’Oltremare and RAI television studios are the strong points of this Guest House.

Its proximity to the historic center of Naples, reachable by subway, circumflegrea, bus, make it easier any type of planned excursion.